Glamorous Georgian-Revival

“Our projects are deeply steeped in tradition but we don’t take things so seriously that we can’t mix it up.”

This magnificent Georgian-style house was built in an elite suburb in the 1930s. Its stately presence today is the result of a four-year collaboration between the client, Todd, and architect, Stan Dixon. Architecturally, the home was enlarged with the addition of two wings. The covered outdoor terrace with views to the river easily seats 60 for dinner and a gracious double stair flows down at the rear elevation to permit new access to the lawn. Truly grand, the interiors embody a contemporary glamour with highly polished woodwork, custom-designed and carved fireplace mantles, sumptuous textiles, and marvelous color. From the pale pink satin and matching wallcovering in the dining room to the silvery shadow stripe draperies and violet velvet in the salon, every nuance attends to the soft, reflective quality desired by the client. Rich greens define the new media room, which is set within the new rusticated base of the home, while the exposed ceiling and natural light create a dramatic environment for the distinctive paintings by artist, Richard Jolley, that line the walls.