Historic Enlightenment

“We love a classically inspired space, but even when its formal, it’s always comfortable.”

The owners of a beautiful 1920s shingled and stone house enjoyed Todd’s first interior design for twenty years. Ready for a change, but still in love with the house, the couple bravely began anew. In a bold move, the house was completely emptied to provide a blank canvas for a fresh, lighter vision that addressed a change in lifestyle as well as stewardship of the historic property. Although the kitchen was moved to be closer to the family room in keeping with contemporary living today, period authenticity was otherwise an objective, as evidenced in nods to Art Deco styling. Rich textiles and wallcoverings, custom-designed carpets by Stark, and luxurious finishes are combined with a quiet, soothing palette of blue, beige, pink, violet, and green. A delightful mix of high and low furnishings, antiques, and art complement the client’s passion for chinoiserie, an elegant theme woven throughout the home.