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It took an hour for 90 people to get through three security checkpoints to get inside the White House. They were super thorough.

[White House Reception 322]
Green room with trees and wreaths made from recycled magazines and newspaper

Once inside, it was easy to move about the public areas of the house. There was a screen set up in the lower cross hall to screen the President and First Family as they came and went. I am certain they have little privacy, so this was understandable. The house is really beautiful. It feels very intimate for the President’s residence, which surprised me. It is a big house, don’t get me wrong, but the overall feeling is very approachable and welcoming.

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  Traditions are a huge part of my family Christmas celebration.  My mother and I have made a Williamsburg style cone arrangement every year since we visited Williamsburg when I was 10.  This is an easy and versatile centerpiece, and a great Christmas Eve tradition.  To start with, you need the green painted wooden cone

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