Good To See Some Progress

It has been about 10 days since my last update.  We have been working at a couple of out of town markets, and honestly, the progress has been really slow.

One good thing happening was that the kitchen island marble did get honed, and it looks amazing.  When we originally put the marble top on the island, I let the installer talk me out of honing the stone.  I knew it would perform better….but he didn’t want to do it because it wouldn’t have as much depth to the color….and I was tired of the building process and didn’t want to argue.  Lesson learned….we should have honed it.  It was highly susceptible to any sort of acidic substance, leaving un-polished rings everywhere.  Well, the honing did the trick, and the surface looks lovingly aged, and all the rings are gone.  It should have been like that 8 years ago when we moved in.

Honing the counter top

Over the weekend, only about half of the ceiling was out.  Today, it got progressively work.  Evidently, that is what happens when you try to straighten out 44 years of unevenness.  It will be level when we are done, and hopefully the effort will be worth it.

We do have the final mantle design complete for the basement, and hopefully that will be installed within a week.

A lot of electrical work has happened.  The recessed lights are totally installed in the basement…..other than the ones that had to be removed due to the ceiling being torn out.  We added spot lights over the beds in the two upstairs guest rooms.

My favorite thing so far…..the new kitchen window. Elongated by one pane, it now opens up the view to the lawn and really adds a great amount of additional light.

There were no overhead lights in there, and this way, there will be at least one light that can come on and be effective with a flip of the switch inside the door.  We also added a couple of portrait lights in the den to help even out the light in that room.  It is probably the darkest room in our house, and this will be a greatly welcome addition.

At this point, almost all of the windows are in…..but nothing is trimmed.  Painters are starting to work on windows, and again, nothing is complete.  The ceiling has been removed in the basement, so we are ready for the new tongue and groove ceiling…..I hope.  The laundry room got this same treatment, and it is installed.