Celebrating 10 years of excellence in interior design

September 2009 marked the 10th anniversary of Todd Richesin Interiors. I will celebrate my 40th birthday in November. As I reflect on these milestones, I see how experience is such an important part of creating a successful business. It takes a good 10 years to really understand what you are doing. I can see that the work I did in my early years was very good, but the work I do now is even better. I have learned much in the last decade. In addition to patience, I have also discovered what I can and can’t take on. Since the beginning, Todd Richesin Interiors has laid a strong foundation of quality design. My experience and wonderful client list have been invaluable and it has been truly gratifying to have so many people in my corner helping me succeed. In recent months, I have been able to slow down and focus my energy more and immerse myself in projects, which has helped me continue to grow in experience.  Over the years, I have met a lot of wonderful people that I can’t wait to work with again. We have developed wonderful working relationships that add to the quality of each project. That positive energy trickles down to others involved in the design process like the seamstress, upholstery shop and vendors, which gives the project even greater momentum.

The quality of my work has been recognized by the editor of “Traditional Home” magazine. A home I decorated in Key West will be featured in their June 2010 issue. This type of experience for an interior designer is the equivalent of a ballplayer making the all-star team.  My work has also been selected to appear in the book “Interiors Southeast,” published by Panache. This book will showcase work by the top 50 designers in the southeast. The book is divided into three sections – mountain retreats, metro lifestyle and waterfront living. I will have projects in all three sections.

Although a fair amount of my work is out of town, I don’t think that makes me any less effective in town. In fact, I think travel helps broaden my design horizons. I am exposed to new products and new ways of using those products. I meet new people and experience new things, which I can bring back to local projects.

There have been many exciting things happen in my first decade with Todd Richesin Interiors and I am really excited to see what the next 10 years have to offer.