Well-Known Sweetwater Retailer Bobby Todd Antiques, LLC, to Relocate to Todd Richesin’s “UPSTAIRS” Knoxville Location at 4514 Kingston Pike

Well-known Sweetwater gift and antique shop Bobby Todd Antiques is relocating to its sister store, “UPSTAIRS” at 4514 Old Kingston Pike, in Knoxville.

Bobby Brown and Todd Richesin announced today that they will be moving the store following the sale of their current building in Sweetwater, initially opening a “Pop-up Shop” for Bobby Todd in late summer, and then transforming the UPSTAIRS location fully to Bobby Todd for the opening of their much-anticipated Bobby Todd Christmas Shop in October.

Situated in the iconic “Up and Down Service Station,” UPSTAIRS is located at 4514 Old Kingston Pike in the heart of the Bearden district, at the intersection of Kingston Pike and Lyons View Pike.

Bobby and Todd are thrilled with their plans to relocate.

“This is something we have been dreaming about for some time,” said Richesin.

“We want to consolidate our efforts and return to our original Bobby Todd mission statement, which involves really focusing on each and every product we offer, making sure it is right for our brand,” said Brown.

Bobby Todd was founded on the idea that the shop would be an extension of the way Bobby and Todd live in their own home. They have since moved from their original loft space in Knoxville’s historic Old City, to a gracious European-style country home in West Knoxville, but their current home embodies their dream of the way people should live.

“Classic, stylish, and comfortable – those are the key elements to creating the perfect backdrop for living your life,” Brown said.

Bobby and Todd have been committed to Downtown Sweetwater since starting their business there 15 years ago, and because of that commitment, they have hand-selected the buyer for their building.

“Sweetwater is our hometown, so we are excited by the opportunity to fill our former Sweetwater building with a like-minded, creative retailer who will contribute to the unique personality and fabric of the historic downtown area,” Richesin said.

“The new owner is someone who is just as committed to Downtown Sweetwater as we have been and will carry antiques, gift items, and will also offer interior design services,” Brown said.

The transition between Bobby Todd and the new building owner will be seamless, with the new owner planning to re-open in September.

The transformation from UPSTAIRS to Bobby Todd will be a great opportunity for shoppers! Most every item at Bobby Todd will be greatly reduced.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our customers to take advantage of incredible savings,” said Richesin.

Fixtures, store decorations, and inventory will be offered at greatly reduced prices.

Bobby and Todd are really excited about this new start.

“It is giving us a chance to focus on our core values again, and how we really want our customers to experience our own personal style,” says Brown.

Bobby and Todd have a gift of blending seamlessly and effortlessly the new with the old. Their lifestyle brand encompasses not only actual furniture pieces, art, and accessories; but also more experiential aspects of a home’s ambience, like scent, sound, and holiday décor that really make the difference between a house and a home.

“Home is incredibly important to both of us,” Richesin said. “It is where we relax, recharge, and ultimately find inspiration. We want our customers to find that same inspiration in their own homes. Bringing Bobby Todd to Knoxville in the most prominent and convenient of locations is a great way to reach more people and make a bigger impact on the lives of our customers.”

The move is also consistent with current retail models.

“Consumers want more unique items,” said Richesin. “Gone are the day of cookie cutter interiors Focusing on vintage, one-of-a-kind, and antique pieces in our Knoxville location will reinforce our unique brand.”

“There is a tremendous interest in customers wanting to express themselves through their homes, just as they do through their clothing and appearance,” said Brown. “Our products will be tailored to this spirit of individuality. Bobby Todd in Knoxville will be the only place to get these unique pieces.”

Brown’s and Richesin’s UPSTAIRS location at 4514 Kingston Pike – with lower-level space that will remain the offices of Todd Richesin Interiors – has been the recipient of several Keep Knoxville Beautiful Orchid Awards.