Slowly but Surely!

Progress is moving a little slowly since the last post…..but the work that has been done is amazing!  We have our new tv cabinet in the office 90% installed…..minus about two days worth of electronics installation.  At this point, in my opinion, BIGGER IS BETTER!  Wow!  What a difference 17′ of glossy black cabinetry can make in a space!  Instead of shrinking the space, the floor to ceiling cabinet has truly blown the roof off our room!  It is amazing the lift this cabinet gives to the space.  This is going to house so much of our collection of antique accessories, it is unbelievable!  Plus, it will hold all of the electronics for tv and sound for the entire house, as well as a fax machine AND printer for the office.  I am so excited to be getting this piece in our home.  It truly is a beautiful marriage of form and function.  John McGilvray and his crew have worked tirelessly to complete this, and they have done an amazing job.  The effect that the air conditioning soffit had in the room has been completely eliminated, and this room has started to feel larger, more cozy, and it now has details that are consistent with the rest of the house.

So in addition to the nearly completed cabinet, the ceiling, crown, and base moldings are complete in the office… tomorrow, Dan Border and his crew will start putting the finishing touches on ceiling and trim paint.  Hopefully by mid week we will be ready for wallpaper in this room.

Max Wood Floors worked ON SATURDAY to complete the floors in the kitchen and den.  The floors are fantastic, and they did a really great job of fitting them together perfectly.  It really has given these rooms the patina they lacked before.  We have trim work details like shoe molding in both the kitchen and the den to complete.  In the kitchen, the trim work will be a little more difficult since we have to marry a slightly lower new floor to the position of the cabinets.  This can be overcome with new base pieces on the cabinets, and a new molding at the base of the island.  Once again, John McGilvray and his crew will be rescuing us from what could have otherwise been a tricky predicament.

Dan Border and his painting crew are making steady progress.  The upstairs bedrooms are in the process of getting their new colors, and windows still continue to be completed.  They are doing a great job……and delivering a silky smooth finish.  The former “green” bedroom, will still be called the green bedroom…..but the walls have gone from green to cream.  The master bedroom is getting a much more dramatic treatment.  We had a neutral tan tone in the bedroom that was matched to the toile wallpaper behind the bed, and a perfect blend with the carpet.  I wanted to change the color to give us a fresh look, and really wanted to do a lighter color.  What I realized… I lived in an empty house for the past two months… wasn’t the lightness of the color I disliked.  It was the fact that the color was so blah.  Just beige… wasn’t dramatic or exciting, and it really didn’t add anything to the room.  I am not opposed to light wall colors, and we have lots of them in our house, but in the master bedroom, the color just seemed to be flat.  Our solution……GLOSSY NAVY BLUE!  Can’t wait to see this going up tomorrow.  The painters are stealthy, and don’t make a huge mess, and are quite while they are here, so it is sort of difficult sometimes to tell exactly where they have been…unless they are making a major change in wall color, which they have done today.

Home Choice continues to disappoint on the window front.  Andy, the guy who has done such an amazing job installing the windows and putting up the window trim is M.I.A.  He was here Wednesday of last week for part of the day, and it is now Tuesday and he is no where to be found and will not return Seth’s (our job foreman) phone calls.  Sounds really professional, right?  In an effort to get our job complete, Seth and Schmid and Rhodes have enlisted the help of John McGilvray to complete the window trim in the house.  There isn’t a lot left to do….just a little bit of molding on the upstairs windows, and about half of the new dining room window.  Seems like Home Choice would want to be finished with this job…..but that doesn’t seem to be the way they operate.   John is anticipating completion tomorrow!

This week, our goals are to complete painting in the office, finish electrical work and get all recessed lighting installed, get electronics installed in the office, get new counter top in the basement bathroom, get wallpaper installed in the basement bathroom and office, get trim work complete in kitchen and den, and hopefully get painting complete in the upstairs bedrooms.