Faux Finish Expertise


painted kitchen floor

Photo shows a painted kitchen floor


We work with several different types of painters in the interior design business.  Different jobs require different levels of expertise.  A painter who is experienced at wall and trim paint, getting a silky smooth finish on woodwork, and walls free of drywall seams and nail pops is a wonderful thing, but he is probably not the person you want to do a decorative finish.  My experience is that an expert in that area is very important.  Faux finishing is a talent that requires years of experience to master.  A professional finisher will know where to start with the finish, how long it will take him to complete an area, and where a safe place to stop finishing will be.  You see, you can’t just stop for lunch anywhere along the way.  Stopping points have to be calculated in advance or your stopping points will be visible in the finished product. 


One faux finisher I work with regularly is Timothy Brown of Brown Studios in New York.  He makes monthly trips to Knoxville to work on my jobs, and is considering moving here in early summer.  Timothy’s work is world class.  He was trained by another of my faux painters, Daryl Garrison, who is still practicing in Nashville, Tennessee.  Timothy honed his craft under Daryl’s tutelage, and branched out to form his own company in New York.  There, he has worked for many top interior designers and their major league clients.  He has done work in the Kipps Bay Showhouse several times, worked with nationally recognized designer Eric Cohler, and his clients have included Katie Couric, Michael Douglas, and Katherine Zeta Jones.  Following are a few images of Timothy’s talents.

nursery painted floor

A painted nursery floor

tonal layerd blocks

Layered blocks

painted monogram

Painted monogram


horizontal stripes, playroom

Painted stripes for a playroom

Black and white stripes

Black and white stripes

Kips Bay Showhouse

Kipps Bay Showhouse


As you can see from the above photos, Timothy’s talent extends far beyond “walls” and includes floors, ceilings, furniture, and decorative items.  These are world class finishes by a fun and talented man.  His precision is amazing.  Who else could paint those perfect stripes with such detail?  Look for more of Timothy’s work in the future.